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After years of forcing down other people's awful tasting energy drinks just to get a boost, we decided to create our own great tasting, long lasting energy drink with all natural flavors. And thus, Bueno Energy was born.

An Energy Drink for

Whether it’s helping you get through a hard day’s work in the hot sun, celebrating all night long, or morning pick me up, Bueno Energy has you covered. You get all the boost you need without any of the negatives that come with those other guys.

The Difference

GREAT TASTE – Bueno Energy doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners or synthetic blends which creates the metallic aftertaste in the competition. Our natural sweeteners are also the fastest way for an energy boost.

NO JITTERS – there is no taurine in Bueno Energy which is a leading cause for the jitters and heart palpitations you get with most energy drinks. Just because you feel jittery doesn’t mean your body has more energy.

GINSENG – an herbal supplement used for hundreds of years nicknamed the “King of Herbs” for it’s multiple health benefits ranging from energy boost to stress relief and antioxidants.

Top 5 Benefits of Ginseng: Energy, Focus, and More | Care/of (

It's Science Baby!

Caffeine does not give you energy!

(Yeah, we know, not what you've been told your whole life.)

Caffeine blocks the neuroreceptors in your brain from letting you know that you’re tired. That’s why coffee drinkers have to drink another cup of coffee every hour or two – the caffeine wears off and your body is still tired because it didn’t receive the fuel needed to create the desired energy boost.

The body’s most preferred source of fuel is glucose, which is the simplest form of sugar. The cane sugar in Bueno Energy is converted into glucose which is then efficiently absorbed and metabolized to quickly release energy at cellular levels. Also, since cane sugar is a dense source of calories and pure carbohydrates, it provides your body with “energy to burn” for multiple hours.

Sugar isn’t always bad for you and “Sugar-free” isn’t always good. Don’t take our word for it.
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