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"Not just me, but everyone else in my family who tried BUENO was SHOCKED by the flavor! It is so yummy. My little brother wants the full case to himself. For me it is a bit sugary but I would drink one every now and again as a nice treat for myself instead of an extra coffee! I love the product can though, so fun and creative!"

Eva R

"I really liked the mango flavor, it was good! I don't think I could drink one everyday because of the sweetness and sugar levels but I know a lot of people who would!"

Sarah S.

"I did try it and everyone that was with me that day as well. We all actually liked it. It has a nice mango flavor. It really didn't taste like a regular energy drink. It was refreshing"

Santiago B

"The drink tastes very good!"

Jessica R

"I really liked the flavor of the drink and how much energy was packed in it. I would say the downside is the product avaibility seeing that it's only available at Sam's Clubs because I don't go there too often and it would be nice to be able to buy a single can!"

Krizza F.

"It's absolutely delicious! I love the mango flavor and it tastes very natural. It doesn't feel like I'm drinking an energy drink but rather more like a carbonated fruit juice. It gave me a nice natural energy and I love it!"

Helen B

"I enjoyed how sweet & fruity BUENO Energy Drink tasted and now the usual carbohydrate energy drinks."

Valery L.

"It was really good and refreshing! Like I said in my post caption it's like a bubbly mango goodness! I think they hit the flavor and energy drink aspect spot on. It was jsut enough flavor and not over powering. I don't think there's anything I could change to it! I hope they add more flavors because although I love mango I know some people don't prefer"

Kelby J.

"Bueno is great! Gives me a big boost of energy without any crash. Great taste too!"

Miller P.

"I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would! I would totally have purchase it as a single can to give it a try but maybe not a whole case if I didn't know what it tasted like beforehand. Have they ever thought about selling it at gas stations as individual cans? More than me, my boyfriend loved it even more, he had two or three and he loved them as well!"

Ruby M.

"I thought it was really good. Doesn't have that gross after taste like other energy drinks have and it didn't give me that anxiety/jittery feeling. The flavor was good and refreshing. Shush it was in gas stations so I could just grab one if I'm out driving"

Laura D.

"I tried it personally loved it very true to a mango and smooth doesn't taste like an energy drink I just found that it was higher in calories and carbs/ sodium to drink personally everyday. Maybe every once in awhile though!"

Brittney B.

"I thought the drink tasted amamzing. I didn't expect the worst, but most energy drinks are too strong with flavor, but this one was perfect! From an energy standpoint it's funny. I give it a 9/10!"

Jazmen B.

"I'm a big energy drink guy - normally I drink about 2 a day so I was really excited to try this brand. The flavor is way better than the other ones I drink, I won't name names here, but not only that, I only needed to drink one of these a day because I felt my energy lasting for a longer amount of time. Overall I'm so glad I got to try this drink and will definitely be purchasing it in the future."

Dustin H.

"The taste is ok but has an after taste though. And for me the sugar is quiet much since nowadays people looking for something sweet but less or no sugar"

Margaretha M.

"I really liked the flavor and the packaging is really nice. It catches a lot of attention. The only thing is that I noticed that the sugar level is high, but then I realized it's pure cane sugar. Overall, I'm happy with the vitamins and the benefits of the drink."

Ruby P.

"The drink was really good! I was genuinely surprised that a new company could have such a mega million dollar company taste. I did have a couple of my friends try them out and it was compared to orange redbull. Although I am not a huge energy person, I would 100% buy it again."

Cassandra E.

"I honestly love the flavor, and I'd purchase it on my own. The only con I can think of is, it should be at more stores that are more common to shop at or try and I live in Central California, and not many people shop at Sam's Club here. They shop at Targets, Walmart's, and similar grocery stores. Other than that, I really liked the product and it's super tasty and has a catchy name to it." cater to the whole community, especially during this pandemic, I think it'd be great."

Dulce G.

"The BUENO flavor was delicious! I like the carbonation and the sustainable energy is gave me!"

Caroline C.

"I loved it! My husband even tried them and we finished the case in a week. We definitely will get more. We would love to try new flavors, besides mango. I will say the mango was really good though! The taste was great, availability at my Sams club was in a good spot, affordable compared to other brands. Really good taste too. Nothing negative about the product"

Courtney W.

"I was surprised by the flavor of the drink - even though it was orange mango I didn't think it was gonna taste all that good, but ya know I'm glad I was wrong! It taste more like a soda than an energy drink."

Ramey J.

"I was surpised at how sweet it was but not overly sweet! Compared to other energy drinks flavors I wasn't expecting that, I guess that's why it says that it doesn't taste like battery acid because it's true! It reminded me of drinking a soda. I normally don't like carbonated drinks but I think I would drink this one again if I needed an extra boost. It definitely kept me up and energized the rest of the day!"

Elena M.

"I love the flavor - it's good like an orange but not a citrus taste. It also keeps me up all night so it's great!"

Skylah V.

"I loved the flavor. It didn't really remind me of mango, but it did remind me of orange soda! It game me a litte energy but wasn't overpowering or a giant burst which I liked"

Megan W.

"The bueno mango drink was delicious. I do appreciate that the product doesn't have a battery taste which I hate in energy drinks. I am on more of a health kick right now and the amount of sugar per can is very high."

Joy W.

"I loved it and my mom did too! The flavor is amazing and it doesn't have that weird aftertaste that other energy drinks have"

Candace R.

"The drink is very good, it gives me energy all day long. The only thing I'd say is the location of brand name (its easier to see if it was on opposite side of can for those that are taking photos or videos)"

Gimena G.

"I LOVED BUENO!! It has a natural, yet very tasty mango flavor that makes you want to keep drinking more! For me, it had a little too much caffeine. I would just drink it at half a can at a time, and that would keep me from getting the jitters"

Joan C.

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